This page is a work in progress by Gothglam!

Welcome! I have no experience with coding or anything like that, so this site is me flying by the seat of my pants. Feel free to have a look around! I try to update when I have the energy.

Planned Features

  • Recipes page

  • More games in Arcade

  • Expanded about page (quizzes, dolls)


  • 4/05/24: Added "Nostalgia" Shrine, featuring classic emo/goth blinkies, pixels, gifs, and stamps.

  • 9/13/23: Added "Now Playing" feature on the index page, showing what podcasts, music, or essays I'm currently into.

  • 9/4/23: Updated the About page. Considering a site overhaul but too lazy to try rn lool

  • 6/12/23: Added the Hobbies page, updated the Interests page.

  • 12/31/22: Added Paleontology to interests. Fixed broken images in cat shrine. Added a disclaimer to the media page. Removed some Picrews.

  • 10/10/22: Added Shrines page, fixed up some mis-categorized images on the Art pages & added more info on them, added some new banners to About. Added "overflow:auto" style to Updates box.

  • 10/6/22: Finally fleshed out the art pages

  • 9/30/22: Did some work on the art pages, media page is pretty much done, arcade is up and functional!

  • 9/29/22: Added subpages, buttons, guestbook, gifypet. more to come!