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"Witchcraft?" Herbalism & Mineral Guide Science vs. Magic
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When people hear the term "Witchcraft" they likely think of a few things, from the silly cartoon witches used in Halloween decorations to the Salem Witch Trials, from sinful satanic cabals to white ladies on Pinterest making crystal vision boards to get a job promotion at their MLM. This shrine is specifically dedicated to the concept of witchcraft as it pertains to herbalism, ritual, festivities, food, medicine, and culture. I don't believe in magic, necessarily, nor do I subscribe to any particular iteration of occult theology (Wicca, Satanism, Pantheism, etc). However, I find great comfort in the conceptual reverence of nature, as well as the science behind herbalism. And I just think incense smells good and crystals are pretty. :)

Witchcraft, to me, is a practical method of revilitizing the imagination, of empowering the self, and of physically manifesting desires. I don't believe in hexes or blood sacrifice or anything you'll find on these edgy blogs. While I do acknowledge there are unknowns, mysteries, and even miracles, I believe it's laughable that humans control or manifest these in any way. It's fun to play pretend, and it can have great psychological and social benefits, but none of it is necessarily proven or real beyond how it makes you, personally, feel.

All that being said, there are scientific aspects to the culture of witchcraft that I enjoy greatly. Studying astronomy and biology is scarcely a waste, even if magical properties are applied to them. One doesn't need to be a witch to be in awe of the beauty and power of the universe, nor to feel empowered by knowing that you are made of the eternally recycled remnants of stars.