About me!

Below is some more info about me, if you're interested. Thanks for visiting!

Name: Full name is Samuel DeLacroix, but I go by Sam. Close friends call me Sammy.:-]

Gender/Orientation: NB Transmasculine, he/him pronouns!! I'm bi , ace , and aro . I am also objectum! 💻 I feel a great fondness for old technology, robots, statues, and all kinds of other things! :-]

Political Ideology: I'm a Communist! I'm a prison abolitionist, anti-police, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist who supports anarchism, environmentalism, animal welfare/rights, feminism, queer liberation, and equality for all.

Religious Beliefs: I was raised in a conservative evangelical household and have since deconstructed and now identify as an Atheist and an Anti-theist. But I do not stand for religious-based persecution such as Antisemtiism or Islamophobia.

Brain Stuff: I don't particularly enjoy the phenomenon of people putting their mental illnesses on display in their profiles, but I do understand the urge to be understood. Especially when your mental issues and developmental problems make up a bulk of your personality. I should note that whenever I'm discussing the intimate parts of my self, it's mostly for my own benefit. I like to lay things out plainly so i can think about them clearly. If anyone is curious about why I am the way I am, the information is there to try and parse. I'll save you the massive text block and put it in a collapsible. Worth noting that I am anti-psychiatry. Do with that what you will.

ADHD: been diagnosed with this since I was a kid and it's always rung true. I have every single symptom, and pretty badly, too, and I'm also invested in the community and research on this topic, so I have no problem identifying with it, personally. I struggle with executive dysfunction, pathological demand avoidance, maladaptive daydreaming, RSD, hyperfixation, time blindness, low self-esteem, social issues, object permanance, dyscalculia, dyslexia, prioritization, etc.

Developmental Disability:I've always been a bit "slow", especially when it comes to socializing or meeting milestones/expectations for my age group. I lag behind a lot and am slow to process things, but that doesn't mean I'm stupid! I was a very smart kid. Dunno if I can say the same now lol. There's a good chance I have Autism or something though.

PTSD: BPD + yo-yo'ing ED's + extreme anxiety + OCD symptoms + dissociation + super poor memory + a bunch more crap probably. ik its no longer In Vogue to openly talk abt ur trauma in the Online but idrc lol im an open book. and the book is titled "My Dad Beat Me (and Other Fun Stories)". idm talking about it as long as it doesnt make anyone upset lol


  • Drawing, 3d modeling, sculpting, painting, perling, interior design

  • Cooking, food history, nutrition science, herbalism, foraging

  • Gaming, watching movies

  • Writing, singing, dancing, swimming

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