My Interests

AKA "Things I am Totally Neurotypical About"

I used to be really passionate about the stuff I was into, but due to depression & stuff it's been pretty hard to get excited about much. So, this list is more of an archive of things I used to be into rather than things I'm actively interested in, save for like video games, movies, and art. :)

Marine Biology

I've always been really into ocean life. From being a dolphin and mermaid obsessed kid to a shark and coral reef fascinated teen, the big blue has always been a source of intrigue and comfort for me. I even wanted to be a marine biologist for awhile! I've only ever been to the actual ocean once, and it was the gulf of mexico when it was in pretty bad condition LOL.

The ocean also ties into my interest in the paranormal and the fantastical! The Bermuda Triangle, cryptozoology, the Sargasso sea, ghost ships, leviathans, mermaids, Atlantis! Very cool and fun. Can't forget my never-ceasing obsession with ancient marine animals. Woo marine paleontology!

Video Games

Who's not into video games these days? I've been very into gaming since I could probably walk, and it runs in the family. My dad was an arcade addict, and my mom was obsessed with zelda and fantasy star. She even coded her own games on DOS! I grew up on Nintendos and Playstations, never really breaking into real PC gaming until about 2017. Wow!

I missed out on a lot of gaming milestones despite being there, like the release of the Orange Box that I didn't come to appreciate until about ten years after it's release. I think the only PC games I played until I picked up TF2 were Alice: Madness Returns on my neighbors computer, Red Alert 3, Sims 2, Zoo Tycoon, various CD-rom Edutainment games, and of course, tons of flash games.

Art History

This is a newer interest, sparking back in about 2017 when I took an Art History course. While I'd always appreciated older art, I didn't really know much about it. I really enjoyed the class, even though it was very eurocentric! My favorite periods to learn about were probably the Baroque and the Romantic periods, and I love to try and identify paintings by era.


I've always been obsessed with prehistoric stuff, from the Paleozoic to the Cenozoic! I especially love marine history, with my favorite animal being the Basilosaurus! (But I also really love queztals, raptors, and megafauna!)